Haven't been here in a while. Had me working on that satellite dish last time.

"Where are we?" the new Exo asks. He always has so many questions. Fine, I'll bite.

"Charon's Crossing. Main comms station for Eventide to connect with the rest of the Sol system," I say.

"This is the place that AI mentioned… I thought we weren't coming here."

Dr. Bray steps in. "We're just making sure Clovis can't get what he wants. I'm sending a distress call, and then we're jamming all external comm links. We'll meet back up with the others when we're done here."

New Exo's still a bit confused. He's got a million questions. When it comes to the Brays, we all do.

"Wesley. Did you forget why I brought you?" Dr. Bray interjects. I didn't forget. Just distracted.

"I was waiting for you to send the signal, Dr. Bray," I reply.

"Drop the formalities, Wes. Just prep the jammer, please."

Okay, okay. Getting to it.

New Exo's standing guard at the door. Dr. Bray brought him as extra muscle, she claims. I think she just doesn't want him out of her sight.

"So… the AI called you granddaughter," the new Exo says. He's not holding back anymore. Wonder if she'll tell him.

"That he did," she says.

"And he called me family. So… you and I are related?"

"Something like that."

"You don't want to tell me?"

"We shouldn't discuss an Identity Upload without proper protocol because it could cause unwanted side effects."

"I may've been activated today, but I'm not stupid. What aren't you telling me?"

We all know the truth. Just tell the poor guy. Dr. Bray sighs.

"Unlike Clovis, I have no intention of guiding your fate. If it were up to me, you wouldn't exist in the first place."

That was… harsh. New Exo looks hurt.

"I just want to understand why I'm here."

Dr. Bray lets up a bit. "Look… I'm sorry. But you should realize how lucky you are. You have a second chance here. Trust me when I tell you you're better off not knowing."

"So you're deciding for me too. Like Clovis."

Got her.

"I am not Clovis."

"My attention switches back to the task in front of me. Uh oh. Something's wrong with these systems.

"Sorry to cut this exciting chat short, but our whole comms system is being overridden," I say.

"Clovis." Dr. Bray is furious. "That damn liar… Our internal comms systems aren't down at all. He's going to get billions of people killed. Screw this. We have to get everyone on that evac ship immediately. Then, I'll deal with the Vex and Clovis. End this for good."

My god. She's actually going to do it. She's gonna blow up the whole damn moon.

This family is insane. I have to get out of here.

And then I never want to see another Bray again.


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