Regarding Omnigul, Will of Crota

My Queen,


The monster Crota's sycophantic zealot. Mother to Crota's hell spawn. Murderer of my friend Sai. Omnigul wrought terror throughout the stars and brought about the loss of countless lives. She was ultimately defeated by a brave fireteam of Guardians, who drowned out her screams with a maelstrom of bullets and vengeance.

Now her whetted shriek pierces my ears once again.

The Pyramid is playing its cards and going "all in," as Cayde-6 would say. Oddly, I find myself thinking of him more now that he is gone. I suppose I've grown closer to other Guardians and the Vanguard than I realized. If the Pyramid is dragging the Nightmare of Omnigul into the fray, it tells me one thing: we are getting closer.

I am aware that these Nightmares are not truly what they represent, but the mind can be fooled, even momentarily. In those moments lies all the destructive power the Darkness hopes to exploit. I fight back, but the Nightmares grow stronger.

I worry how long I can bear the weight the Pyramid places upon me. These memories seek to tear me apart, my Queen, and the familiar pang of weariness rears its ugly head. I will do my best, knowing it will not always be enough.

For now, I assume the worst is yet to come.


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