Interpret the signs.

Eido of the House of Light, Scribe log Epsilon-2-12A

I have received a gift from Eris Morn! It is a collection of Hive tomes on the nature of their runes and the rituals that they compose.

I delved into the tomes immediately. They were very useful once I was able to decipher her notes, neaten the pages, and remove her blank bookmarks—which I hope were not placed there for some purpose. I could not find a pattern to their insertion, even when they had arrows pointing to underlined passages.

At this point in my studies, I believe I have some insight into the way that these runes affect their magic. As Eris has explained to me, each rune is a logogram that encompasses many, and at times, contradictory meanings. Curiously, some denote the particular Light energies used by Guardians and predate the acquisition of the Light by Savathûn's brood.

The style employed in inscribing the runes is unique to their practitioner. For instance, the runes that Eris writes follow concentric circles, while Savathûn composes long, tangential strings of runes. Runes also adorn many Hive weapons in long columns.

I understand that Eris is now devising a ritual that requires the composition and empowerment of many Hive runes. I must remember to wish her luck.

Seed of Silver Wings

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Solstice Gloves (Rekindled)

Resonant Fury Plate

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