Solstice Gloves (Rekindled)

Heat can burn as much as it warms.

/hidden anticipher accepted/
/missive from first follows/
/180 seconds to erasure/

my hidden. we knew this was one of our futures.

my seat of power is gone. guardians, scattered like embers and stomped out as easily. this red legion are just cabal, yes, but with enough complacency, even the most thuggish of our enemies can destroy our world.

end your operations. make for your safehouses. do not attempt clandestine strikes against our occupiers. lives are a currency we cannot afford to spend. wait for our conquerors to show the same complacency that led to our defeat. we will outlast them. we will make them pay.

chalco, if you still draw breath, know that you were right. we lost sight of what was out of our sight. it will be the last time we make that mistake.

eris, if your quest has not claimed your last life, know that we have not given up on you. when we rise again, there will be a home for you once more.

the rest of you: hide. watch. wait for word from me. and if that word never comes, you all know what to do.

/missive from first ends/


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