Shadow's Cloak

"With the death of the Ace-Defiant, the Leviathan is without a master helmsman. If I must wait another millennium for a replacement, I shall." —Emperor Calus

Jarus left God's Will behind for his final mission. He needed a ship big enough to carry his fellow Shadows to Ghaul, and with enough internal shielding and anti-impact padding to ensure the plan they had developed would succeed.

Under Jarus's control, the ship dodged, weaved, and carved a path through the Red Legion. His fingers flipped switches, rapidly changing the displays on the monitors surrounding the cockpit. In the hold, the Shadows waited. Jarus aligned the ship's trajectory toward the Dominus' ship. The plan was simple.

"My dear Jarus," the emperor had said. "We must deliver the Shadows to the Dominus at any cost." Jarus knew what this meant. For him, the trip was one-way. But that was all right, so long as Ghaul's was, too.

Boots of the Ace-Defiant

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Shadow's Boots

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Penumbral Cloak

Shadow's Mark

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