Shadow's Boots

"The task before us is staggering. We must unite all races and creeds. We shall win them to our side with words where we can. And with your Light where we cannot." —Emperor Calus

How many times have you beaten the Hive now? How many times have you worn their hide as armored jackets to stop the bullets of your opponents so that you might live another day off their deaths?

If their vaunted sword logic is truly the way this universe works, then why are they still here?

Why don't they kill themselves at the mere sight of you, save us all some time?

Their texts claim destruction is their purpose, so why do they devour and feed their hunger and persist? What I saw at the black edge was beautiful. And it was not the Hive.

They are doomsday pretenders.

You and I will indoctrinate them, so that when the end comes, they will meet it as gladly as we do. They will cease to be hypocrites. They will cease to be.

—Emperor Calus

Penumbral Bond

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Penumbral Bond