Shadow's Greaves

"…The future can't be fought. I know it. You know it. But that won't stop you from trying." —Emperor Calus

We found the Crown of Sorrow on a stray war moon. The Psions guessed that the ritual texts surrounding it claimed it was crafted in imitation of the Taken King's power to compel wills.

It did the opposite, of course, and consumed my Loyalist Gahlran.

That was my first encounter with the witch. She has been plaguing all my Loyalists since then, as a sort of viral language. Perhaps even you.

But she can be beaten. The Hive are not true beings of the dark. Not compared to what I met at the black edge.

Not compared to me.

I shall find her and her Ascendant Plane before the end. And we will have words.

—Emperor Calus

Shadow's Gloves

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Shadow's Grips

Shadow's Plate

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