Excerpt from a VanNet letter to Ikora Rey, sender multiply anonymized over relays:

… the Symmetrists even still are viewed as something from the edges of society. City regulations hold that our philosophies are dangerous to permit, though Guardians in prominent positions or public blood-sport are less reserved than ever about using Darkness-based abilities, happy to wield Stasis without a second thought.

I write today to suggest that, should the Consensus be re-formed, or some other non-military governing body be formed of a representative portion of the City, the Symmetry and its students and followers ought to not only be included, but embraced.

The Praxic Order may have their duty to combat Darkness all they want, but basing political and military positions on the fever-dreams of one Warlock—yes, I speak here of the Pujari Position—is misguided at best. Since when have dreams been acceptable testimony, save perhaps from the Speaker? If you wish to tell me that Pujari was in direct communication with the Traveler, you will have to bear the due burden of proof in its entirety.

It is more than clear that the idea of Darkness as a morally evil force without room for compromise is hopelessly outdated, and policy must be revised. Does a shadow have any moral attributes because it may obscure where we are going? Is the sunshine inherently good because it illuminates a path? They are both required to delineate one from the other. And even if they did carry intention, if the blotting out of the sun every night was an act of unspeakable evil, such concepts as good and evil are still defined by their relationship to each other. What is evil? It is not good.

Light and Darkness, the paracausal forces known to the Traveler and the Witness, these are not as simple to define as sun and shadow. But an understanding of Darkness is required no matter if one chooses to remain immersed in Light or balance both. Refusal to accept that understanding will forever render the truth unclear.

If Light ever truly defeated Darkness, that defeat would be our fate too. Our best hope lies in understanding Darkness and its balance to Light, in seeking the perfect symmetry that will right our universe. Perhaps you will read this as a cultish devotion to a deceased figurehead. Perhaps there is no convincing anyone that Ulan-Tan was undoubtably right…

But I digress. In purely practical, non-debatable matters: public attitudes toward Darkness and its forces no longer match long-held City positions about the Symmetry. I would see our theories and teachings be made publishable; our adherents welcomed to the table where the end of all things is addressed.

When you are ready to open further dialogue, signal the philosophers' message board I am sure you are already monitoring.


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