Unwavering Duty

"There's no one else I can trust with her care." —Ikora Rey

"No, thanks," Aisha says, nudging a steaming cup of tea back across the small table. Reed-7 watches her with visible concern as he hunches forward, leaning into a shaft of morning light dappling the Bazaar.

"It doesn't feel the same without…" Aisha trails off, looking at the empty seat beside her where Shayura should be. She looks to Reed, whose eyes are no longer focused on her, but behind her. She glances over her shoulder and spots the approaching figure of Ikora Rey striding purposefully toward them.

"That's not good," Reed says as he straightens his posture and takes his elbows off the table. Aisha silently nods in agreement, rising from her chair.

"Please, stay seated," Ikora says. Reed is halfway out of his chair; the burly Exo looks between Aisha and Ikora before slowly sinking back into his seat. Aisha reluctantly sits back down as well.

"Is there something we can do for you, ma'am?" Aisha asks.

Ikora silently considers Aisha, then Reed, and finally, the empty chair.

"We need to talk about Shayura," Ikora flatly states.

Aisha's heart begins to race as she steals a glance at Reed. Was this it? She wondered how a sentence could be determined so quickly.

Silence hangs over the group, and Ikora chooses her next words carefully.

"Shayura is being released from custody."

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