— Awoken Warlock.

Shayura is a Guardian that frequently partakes in the Trials of Osiris with her fireteam members Aisha, a Human Hunter, and Reed-7, an Exo Titan.1 Shayura’s fireteam felt more like a family to her.2 In the run up to the disappearances of celestial bodies within the Solar System, Shayura was concerned with Field Commander Sloane’s decision to stay on Titan, ignoring the Vanguard’s evacuation order. This decision affected Shayura greatly, which led to a heated argument with Aisha.1

In a following Trials match, Shayura became deluded, believing she was back on Titan during the Red War without her Light.2 Separated from her fireteam, she continued to murder an opponent continuously after the match had ended, believing they were a Hive Knight using death rituals.3 Reed-7 and Aisha managed to separate Shayura from the Guardian.4 After the match, Shayura felt great shame and guilt for what had transpired, and questioned whether Guardians could be unfit for duty.2

Shayura and her fireteam were present during the Traveler’s reformation. During the event, Shayura spoke with Aisha about their experiences in Old Chicago. Shayura kept her focus on the crowds of onlookers instead of the Traveler itself. She believes that the people taking shelter under the Traveler do so out of desperation and delusion, and that before the Traveler arrived, Humanity faced no real danger. Although Shayura feels the Traveler is indifferent towards Humanity, its reformation set Shayura on a clear path to defend the Light at all costs.5

Following this event, Shayura would go on to hunt down Guardians who were known to use Stasis. Shayura would destroy these Guardians’ Ghosts and keep fragments of their shells aboard her ship. In Shayura’s first Trials match since her incident, she went in with focus on a fellow Awoken Warlock who in her eyes was a “traitor to the Light,” having used Stasis. Shayura eventually bested the Guardian and left them on the ground unarmed with their helmet shattered. Her fireteam reached her, ready as backup in case Shayura missed the winning blow, but unbeknownst to them, Shayura was aiming for the Guardian’s Ghost. Shayura struck and damaged the Ghost and planted a round of her sidearm into the Guardian’s forehead. Reed-7 attempted to stop Shayura, but was sent to the floor by a wave of force from Shayura’s hand. Aisha stepped in during the final moments of this encounter, conjuring her Stasis powers and freezing Shayura where she stood. With this, Shayura felt she had been betrayed.6

On one of her hunts for a Stasis user on Venus, Shayura’s Ghost asked her when she’d be returning to Earth, if at all. The Warlock claimed that everyone she knew had either left or betrayed her, and that the only thing left for her there was the Traveler. Shayura stated she does not plan on returning to Earth, as she does not need to be within the City to feel the Traveler’s light. Later, having successfully discovered the Stasis-wielding Hunter on Venus, Shayura murdered an unarmed House Light Eliksni, shortly before destroying the Hunter and his Ghost. In his dying breath the Hunter compared Shayura to the Dredgen and Shin Malphur. It is hinted that Shayura and Malphur have met or communicated in some way around this time.7

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