Winter's Guile

"I know you." —Lord Felwinter

"Listen to me very carefully. They're coming for you. They'll ask you for a name. Your name is Felwinter.'"
"I don't think that's my name."
"I know. Say it anyway."
"Why can't I remember my name? I always remember my name. Something's wrong. Was I damaged in Crypt processing?"
"I don't know anything about the Deep Stone Crypt. Before my time."
"What the hell are you?"
"You don't trust me."
"You will."
"You're a very presumptuous little drone. What makes you think that?"
"No one else will help you. It's kill or die out there."

TEST NO: 167 - Radiolarian Fluid Injection

Category: Deep Stone Crypt

Ghost Fragment: Legends

Phoenix's Fire

Category: Lord Felwinter

Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.6

Warsat Shell

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