Commander Zavala — Final Dawn

Zavala's gaze is transfixed on the empty space where the Traveler once hung in the sky.

"For a moment," he says quietly, "I thought my greatest fear had become reality. That the Traveler had decided to leave us to fend for ourselves."

He turns to face you, a look of tired relief in his eyes. "But in that moment, I also had another thought."

Gesturing broadly to the City, Zavala casts his eyes upward once more. "The last time I saw Cabal ships in the sky over the City, I looked to the Traveler to save us. But now? Cabal, Eliksni, Awoken… our allies have rallied to us. We look to each other, instead."

Zavala rolls his shoulders, then squares them to the challenge ahead. "In the wake of Rasputin's sacrifice, the Wrathborn have begun pulling back their forces. But I can't shake the feeling that they're just making way for an even greater threat."

When he looks at you again, it is with steel in his eyes. "Whatever the Traveler's intentions, it chose to stay with us. Just as we have chosen to stand together."