Eris Morn — Legacy: Bound in Sorrow

Eris Morn greets you with a grim demeanor. "Guardian. If Caiatl cannot complete her severance, we must find another way forward. In the meantime…"

Eris looks past you, to a point in the distance. "Sorrow's Harbor is again teeming with Nightmares. The Leviathan is to blame, but intelligence suggests that Calus has a more direct influence than I previously assumed."

"It would appear he is reaching out to the Witness's other denizens on the Moon, and the Hive weave rituals beneath the lunar surface to accommodate him. You will find them preparing such a ritual in the sector known as 'K1 Revelation'."

Eris's focus snaps back to you. "Xivu Arath's forces still hold much of this place, despite the Lucent Brood's attempts to usurp them. You will no doubt encounter their warriors attempting to block your path," Eris says.

"I imagine, in your path, they won't remain obstacles for long. Find out what foul scheme Calus intends to hatch and if we can manipulate it for our own purposes."