Evidence Board — Report: STEPS-RETRACED

One of the files seems much denser than the others. A closer look reveals it's an abstract on Deepsight, written by Eris Morn.

"The nature of this power supports our hypothesis that Darkness is specially bound to the consciousness that stretches in webs across space and time. This makes it uniquely useful for an investigatory process. However, we have not yet fully explored its utility for reflection.

Savathûn's Altar is one example of Deepsight's potency in this regard. The wounds spanning the desert suggest the Witness engaged in a similar process with Mars; retreading old ground to forge new paths in the future.

Of course, as Ikora is quick to note, this is a logic well-known to Guardians already, thanks to the guided battle-meditations she put into practice after the Red War.

But now, with Deepsight… what might that practice become? What kind of insights could be mined from retracing our steps?"

You look up from the file. If Deepsight can help you glean new clues from old cases, it would be worth it to put Eris's theory to the test.

Discover new Insights by retracing your steps in weekly missions.