Exo Frame — More Than a Weapon

After a moment of thought, Clovis turns his attention to you once again.

"During the Golden Age, Rasputin partitioned a submind for operation in the Cosmodrome on Earth. Malahayati was its name. Unfortunately, the Fallen have either ransacked or destroyed all of the installations that would have housed any of its data."

A glint of excitement flashes within Clovis's Exo eyes.

"However, Malahayati was created to guide colonization efforts. I suspect that an off-world backup exists within the Seraph bunker on the Moon. You will test that hypothesis."

The Exo Frame's crane raises Clovis high above you, like a king sitting upon a throne.

"Now, go. It seems that you have an incoming transmission from a like-minded party. See if they have anything useful to say, and then carry on with your mission."