Ikora Rey — As Prophesied

Though the attack to the City was thwarted, Ikora was solemn.

She told you that Lakshmi-2's body was recovered from the City—she was one of the first to fall to the Vex. "In the end, she was right about the tragedy looming on our horizon," she said. "If only she could have foreseen that it was of her own making."

The Future War Cult, New Monarchy, and Dead Orbit have fled the City, and she has been unable to locate Osiris. She seems to be taking the losses hard, and she places some of the blame on herself.

"I saw the blight that was forming in our own citizens," she told you, "but I never thought it would lead us here."

She cautioned you to stay wary of what tomorrow may bring. "Eris once said we will only know our enemy's next move if we are wise enough to recognize it," she said.

"My eyes are wide open now. Stay ready."