Saint-14 — Change and Choices

Saint-14 is a pillar of unshakeable Light, beaming warmth down on you. "My friend, sit with me."

You sit with Saint and his pigeons. Time passes as the two of you look over the City and watch indistinct motion flow through its streets.

"Do not forget to take moments like this to clear your mind." Saint-14 rests a hand on your shoulder. "Osiris says the mind is a muscle. It must be worked, but it tires too, if it carries too much weight for too long. That is the lesson I taught him."

"The Traveler has spoken to us. It roared against the Darkness, and the Pyramids halted." He places his hands on his hips. "Ikora does not see it so."

"I mourn as she does, but this is a time of change—and choices. We must take care in the examples we set."

"Be patient." He crosses his arms. "Vengeance is a dark road. Instead, let us pursue justice."