Saint-14 — The Coming Trials

"Welcome, Guardian! I too look to training when my spirit has sunken."

"The Lighthouse still stands… in a way," he explains. "Osiris's followers made devices: built from scrap delivered to them by the Guardians who patrolled Mercury before it vanished. I found them as I searched for Vance, but it seems he had heeded Osiris's words and abandoned the spire."

"It took much convincing; Osiris showed me how to use these devices to simulate our arenas." Saint stares directly into the distant sun. "The simulated Sun is not as hot as it was on Mercury, but it is just as bright." He turns to you. "I told Shaxx to do the same. We will see if he listens."

He reaches for a fresh Trials Passage. "A fight is coming, Guardian. Do not lose yourself in the chaos."