Suraya Hawthorne — Never Quit

Suraya Hawthorne cocks her head toward you. "You've been busy. Pretty impressive for a half-dead Guardian I dragged out of the mountains." She smirks.

"Been talking to Zavala. He needed to be reminded of everything the City's achieved. Everything we've fought for… everything you've all let me be a part of. He needs those memories to lean on." Hawthorne's head droops, and Louis nuzzles her temple.

"I'll admit, I thought it was over when live casts of those horrible ships hit the Tower. It's all I could look at for days." She absent-mindedly feeds Louis a bit of meat scrap. "I've thought that way before. But we survived. Then and now."

"I'm sorry to hear about Sloane, and Asher." Hawthorne turns away to look over the City before craning her head back towards you. "Sometimes we lose. Just don't ever quit on us… and we won't quit on you."