The Crow — Cleaning Up the Shore

Crow seems different today, as though a weight has lifted off of him.

"Still can't believe it," he says with cautious amazement, "but Spider was quick to agree to your terms. He never gives up that easy, which means he thinks there's something to gain."

"He sent an engineer to remove the explosives from Glint, so he's held up his end of the bargain… for now." Crow's wariness for the future is tempered by a growing sense of optimism for the present.

"As for me, I plan on sticking around." He cracks a rare smile. "Just a little longer. The High Celebrant may be gone, but we need to clear out the remaining Wrathborn before the cryptoliths will decay. That could take weeks… possibly months."

Crow squares his shoulders to the task ahead. "I'll get things started, then you Tower Guardians can handle the rest. I've earned my freedom, and I intend to enjoy it."

Continue completing Wrathborn hunts to weaken Xivu Arath's forces.