The Crow — Wayfinder's Voyage

"Now I know the man I was," Crow says, anger rising in his voice. You can tell he wants to yell, to scream, to ask why you didn't tell him the truth. Ultimately, he decides he understands why you and the Vanguard handled his past life the way you did. "I don't think I would have told me either," he admits.

He says he saw everything he did as Uldren, as if he were reliving it. He looks shaken, but steadies himself and explains that he too is afraid of the man he used to be.

"I've asked Ikora to put me on another assignment," he states. Crow looks to you and assures you that he just needs some time to think things through. He tells you to offer whatever explanation you like to the Awoken queen; but for now, he just needs to be alone and asks you to respect his privacy.