The Drifter — The Wheel-Horse

"Hey there, hero. Shaxx still foisting his little check-ins on you?" Drifter winks. "Hey, no worries. I don't mind a visit."

Drifter takes up an insouciant lean against the nearby railing.

"Me, I'm keeping busy. Making a little Glimmer on the side too. Turns out Shaxx's Redjacks could use some new iron." He aims a finger at you, and mimes shooting.

"Hard for me to get too worked up about the end of the world—but this is your first time, huh?"

"I've gone by a few names in my time… apocalypse will do that to you. Personally, I can't wait to meet whatever version of you comes out the other side."

He ventures a sly grin.

"Think we'll still be pals? I did help work up these shiny new BRAVE weapons for you, after all. Heh."