— Armed frames utilized by Lord Shaxx to clear and secure potential Crucible arenas.

When Shaxx expressed a desire to secure additional training grounds for the City, he was given the Redjacks to assist him in his mission.1 While some expressed doubt regarding the Redjacks’ competence, they managed to secure several sites to be used in the Crucible.23

Most Redjacks see only a few combat missions. However, combat feed data is shared among all surviving Redjacks, which enables their abilities to quickly improve.4

Alongside some Guardians, the Redjacks were responsible for creating the tracks used in the Sparrow Racing League.56

Redjacks can also serve as guards, protecting Crucible weapons and supplies.7 Some Redjacks serve as construction workers.8

Two of the most well-known Redjacks are Arcite and Dahlia, both of whom are known for their age and extensive combat experience.910 Following the Red War, Arcite and Dahlia may have attempted to modify other Redjacks.11

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