War Table — Operation Elbrus

There is calm, almost proud resolve in Lord Saladin's voice as he tells you why he demanded Caiatl take justice out on him instead of Crow:

"Because I chose to," he says.

He knew the value of the alliance with the Cabal when he saw you fighting alongside Caiatl's warriors, and he believes that, in a moment of misplaced compassion, Zavala would have thrown that alliance away to save Crow.

"And for a time, he would have believed that was mercy," Saladin says with an uncharacteristic smirk.

He will go willingly to join Caiatl's Cabal—a life for a life, to pay for the Psion that Crow killed. "If this is the cost of tomorrow for the Vanguard, I will gladly pay it," Saladin says.

He will accept the rank of Bracus and serve aboard Caiatl's ship, though he will return to the Tower to hold the Iron Banner—Caiatl seems interested in that Guardian tradition.

"Until our paths cross again, Young Wolf," he says.