A Key Awaits

The Guardian enters the Queen's throne room

Mara Sov:  It is alive...and still has its ball...

Uldren Sov:  There is no shame in running away, Guardian. Apart from the cowardice and failure of it, it's an excellent strategy.

Guardian:  We didn't run.

The Queen and Uldren Sov exchange looks of confusion

Mara Sov: Was no Gate Lord slain, brother?

Ghost: Oh, we slayed a Gate Lord!

Guardian:  Ghost...

The Ghost transmats the Vex head into the throne room.

Guardian: We need to find the Black Garden.

Uldren Sov: Hmph...they don't even know where it is.

Mara Sov: Let us tell them. Search the Gate Lord for that which gains them entrance.

Uldren Sov: Why?! If you wish them certain death, just kill them here!

Mara Sov:   Often, when we guess at others' motives, we reveal only our own.

Uldren Sov: My motive is simply loyalty, to a people, a Queen and a sister.

Uldren kneels before his Queen

Mara Sov: Then, please. Take what is required.

Uldren Sov draws his knife and plunges it in the Gate Lord, ripping out the eye and smiling as its glow disappears.

Uldren Sov: Dead, unfortunately. A wasted journey, I'm afraid.

Mara Sov:  Perhaps, but I think these ones resourceful. We gift it, in sympathy for their Traveler.

Uldren Sov turns away from his sister, scowls, and turns to the Guardian.

Uldren Sov: Mars. Eighty-Four North, Thirty-Two East, Meridian Bay.

Uldren Sov tosses the eye to the Guardian.

Mara Sov stands

Mara Sov: I have shown you benevolence, Guardian. Should the Awoken ever need an ally I will call on you. And expect you to answer.

Uldren Sov: She's saying you owe us, Guardian.

Guardian: I understand. Your grace.

The Guardian turns and leaves, their Ghost floating for a moment before following.

Uldren Sov: Good luck! Getting through the Exclusion Zone.

A Hum of Starlight

Category: Queen Mara Sov


Adventure: Target: The Rifleman

Category: Prince Uldren Sov