Petra Venj: Before she went to war, Queen Mara left me with three orders… Protect our people. Hide our secrets. Believe in the plan. I have protected. I have hidden. I have believed. Now, I want answers. I want to know what drove Uldren to madness. I want to kill whatever evil has crept into the Dreaming City. And most of all, I want to see my Queen again. I want to know that she lives.

Spine of Keres, The Dreaming City

Ghost: Something pulled Uldren to the Watchtower. Petra came here to find answers, and she asked you to watch her back. I'll be here to watch yours. Let's get to high ground and find her.

The Guardian heads uphill. Petra's ship appears as it flies past the Guardian.

Ghost: There — Petra's ship. Follow her.

The Guardian follows Petra's ship and approaches an area with three women hovering in the air.

Ghost: Those women used to be Awoken…

The Guardian is teleported to the Ascendant Plane by the women.

Ascendant Plane

The Guardian defeats the Taken which appear, including Savriks, Riven's Patience, and Val Grask, Warmth of Riven. A glowing white ball appears. The Guardian approaches the white ball.

Toland: YOU! Why would you come here? There is no place less suited for the likes of you, walking in the dreamland of your enemies.

The Guardian follows Toland.

Toland: And what, am I to be your Virgil? A guide, a shepherd? [chuckle] No, no, no…

The Guardian continues to follow Toland.

Toland: There are no guides here. It is a place of scheming queens and traps unsprung.

The Guardian continues to follow Toland.

Toland: "The dreary plain, forlorn and wild, the seat of desolation, void of light!" Ha!

The Guardian continues to follow Toland.

Toland: You walk blind above an abyss, full of trust for a friendly voice. You're playing right into her hands.

The Guardian continues to follow Toland.

Toland: Leave the Dreaming City while you still can, dear squanderer.

The Guardian is teleported back to the Dreaming City.

Spine of Keres, The Dreaming City

The Guardian heads towards the rendezvous point with Petra. They defeat the Taken and the Hive they encounter. The Guardian finds Petra's ship.

Ghost: Petra's ship. We're close.

The Guardian defeats the Taken which appear, including Urlos, Greeting of Riven, and Mat Azar, Riven's Welcome. The Guardian finds Petra Venj.

Petra Venj: Guardian! You made it. I know what happened to Uldren. I've seen the evil that we face. I have to tell the Queen, or we are lost. There. Watch this. Mara Sov! My queen. Are you there? Can you hear me? Damn it! Calibration looks good. Signal is strong. And the Offering… Wait. The Offering is missing.

Ghost: The Offering?

Petra Venj: This is an Oracle. It can do nothing without an Offering. Maybe I can override it, somehow…

Ghost: We'll look around.


Ghost: What happened to Uldren?

Petra Venj: There is an immense creature at the heart of this place. But I cannot say more. The Queen must be the first to know. I'm sorry, my friends.


Ghost: We understand. Where is everyone?

Petra Venj: We evac'd just before the Taken War. Queen Mara ordered everything to be locked down. Then she and the Techeuns sealed off the Watchtower, and Mara made a deal with the Spider. Protect it, and she would turn a blind eye to his businesses. No one was supposed to come back here until everything was safe. You're lucky to see this place, you know. It's sacred. Outsiders are forbidden.


Ghost: And this place, this city…?

Petra Venj: The Awoken built hidden cities like this throughout the Reef. In some, we live and raise our children. In others, we build our weapons. We train our armies — or we used to, when we had armies. Here, in the Dreaming City, we learn from greater powers. We meditate. We transcend. This is our most sacred place.


Ghost: I see. And this machine…

Petra Venj: The Techeuns call it an Oracle Engine. They say Queen Mara used it to walk between realities. No one knew where she went, but they used the Oracle to learn from her while she was gone. Mara has told me it's much more than that… Perhaps you and I will see, someday.


Ghost: You talk about her like she's alive. Uldren did, too.

Petra Venj: Uldren — was not himself. He believed he heard her voice. I believe she lives.

Ghost: Why?

Petra Venj: She had a plan. She always had a plan. Queen Mara does not fail. But whatever it was that spoke to Uldren was not my queen. It was that thing.


Petra Venj: Did you see the Queen's Techeuns?

Ghost: I'm not sure. We were attacked by three women while we were trying to find you.

Petra Venj: That's them. Mara's most trusted advisors — corrupted by the Taken. Those women raised me. If there's a way to save them, we must take it.


Petra Venj: We need to get this working. I must speak to the Queen. The fate of the Dreaming City is at stake.

The Guardian searches for an Offering. The Guardian defeats the Scorn, including Elikaa, Sworn to Vengeance, and retrieves the Offering. The Guardian heads back to Petra.

Ghost: We found an Offering, Petra. The Scorn had it.

Petra Venj: I should've known — vengeful thieves. Bring it up here.

The Guardian presents the Offering to the Oracle Engine

Mara Sov: Petra Venj.

Petra Venj: Mara! You're — alive! I'm so — I mean — My Queen.

Mara Sov: And I see you brought the Guardian.

Petra Venj: Yes, forgive me, Your Grace. But I have news. Your brother, Prince Uldren is —

Mara Sov: Dead. I know.

Petra Venj: Of course. He — his soul was corrupted by the Taken. He suffered from delusions, which I now believe were caused by —

Mara Sov: Riven.

Petra Venj: Yes, m'lady. She, too, has been Taken, as have Kalli, Shuro, and Sedia.

Mara Sov: So many loved ones turned against us…

Petra Venj: Tell me what to do, my lady… Please.

Mara Sov: Assemble a team, Petra. Send them into the heart of the City. Kill that creature and extract its heart. I offer the riches of our realm as bounty. Open the gates, and let the Guardians in. I must go. The battle rages on. If you have news, send it. I will answer as I am able. Stay strong, my Wrath. I believe in you.

Ghost: You were right.

Petra Venj: Yes. Mara Sov, Queen of the Awoken, LIVES. I'm going to get my ship. Meet me when you can.

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