Adventure: Deathly Tremors

Glacial Drift, Mars

Ana: I'm picking up a weird sort of static, and it's messing with my gear. Can you find out what's causing it?

The Guardian collects several Xenocryst from the Hive.

Ghost: Ana, the Hive were carrying pieces of a machine.

Ana: Ugh. I hate when bugs decide to build something. It's always unpleasant. There's more static coming from the tunnels. We can't have experimental Hive tech out in the wild. Shut it down.

Olympus Descent, Mars

The Guardian heads through the caverns. They find a Hive device and destroy it.

Ghost: It's a signal amplifier. They're calling something.

The Guardian continues through the cavern. They defeat the Hive they encounter and destroy another Hive Device which they find.

Ghost: I got a fragment of the message. "Savathun, emerge from the Deep. Take our power."

The Guardian continues through the caverns and heads outside towards the static. The Guardian defeats the Hive. Urog Tor, an ogre, appears. The Guardian defeats Urog Tor.

Ana: Nice work. I'll spend some time wrapping my head around all of this. It's Hive, so I'm sure it's going to be strange. But at its core, their "magic" is still just science. I'll get to the bottom of it.

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