Adventure: Psionic Potential

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by Volts42

BrayTech Futurescape, Mars

Ana: Hey, Guardian, I'm picking up some strange radio chatter. I need you to check it out. Know anything about Psions?

Ghost: Telepathic, aggressive… and surprisingly adaptable. They once were conquered by the Cabal, but now they fight alongside them.

The Guardian defeats two Psion Couriers and collects the courier orders they were carrying.

Ghost: We've intercepted the orders the couriers were carrying, Ana… but they're encrypted.

Ana: Has to be some way to read them. Checking sensors… aha! There's a Commander near your location. He should have what you need.

The Guardian defeats the Commander and acquires a cypher from him.

Ghost: Decrypting the files now.

Ana: What do they want?

Ghost: To transform. To evolve into Flayers. But they need Rasputin to do it.

Ana: Yeah, they're just gonna make him mad.

Mindlab: Rasputin, Mars

The Guardian heads towards Rasputin. A Flayer Aspirant appears. The Flayer Aspirant becomes Tomoc, Psion Flayer, after interacting with one of Rasputin's nodes. The Guardian defeats Tomoc, Psion Flayer and continues towards Rasputin. Several more Flayer Aspirants appear. The Guardian defeats the Flayer Aspirants, including any Flayer Aspirants who become Psion Flayers after interacting with another one of Rasputin's nodes.

Ghost: These Psions would never take on Rasputin by themselves. But now that Ghaul's gone, I wonder who could be running what's left of the Red Legion.

Ana: Maybe that's what these Psions wanted to do. Fill Ghaul's shoes.

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