Ikora: Thumos, the Unbroken has a ship in that base. It's the only way we can get you onto the Almighty undetected. So, you're going to steal it.

Cayde-6: News flash folks; the Fallen are on the move. Seems they didn't learn their lesson the first time. Those scavenging vulture, those Fallen. Always turn up when you don't want them. Kinda like a Warlock when you're… uh…

Ikora: Go on…

Cayde-6: Nothing, no— I'm… I'm done.

Legion's Anchor, European Dead Zone

The Guardian fights their way into the Cabal base.

Ghost: There's only one ship left on the landing pads.

Ikora: That must be Thumos's ship. Get to it before its too late!

The Guardian fights their way to Thumos's ship

Ghost: The way's clear. Now let me at Thumos's ship!

Cayde-6: Great! This is the part where you "borrow" it.

Ikora: Like when you "borrowed" Eris's ship? She will want a replacement, Cayde.

Cayde-6: Eris loves me. She'll be fine.

Ghost uses the stolen key codes to hijack Thumos's ship.

Ghost: Cover me. I need to figure out how this works.

Cayde-6: Protect that ship!

The Guardian defends the ship and Ghost

Cayde-6: I don't hear dying. Still in one piece?

Ikora: Unlike someone I know, they can handle hostile technology.

Cayde-6: Hey! That teleporter was all… Vex-y and stuff.

Enforcer Rusk tries and fails to stop the Guardian

Ghost: The key codes work! Finish them off and get on board!

The Guardian takes off on Thumos's ship

Ikora: Our plan relies on you. Destroy the Almighty's weapons. End the threat to our world.

Cayde-6: While you're doing that, we'll get in position for the final run on the City. It's time for Ghaul's last dance.

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