Siren's Watch, Titan

Sloane: All right, we're not out of this yet. Now that we've reached the Control Center, we still need to power up this place before we can take care of our Fleet. Commander Zavala tells me you've volunteered. I'll run tactical. Shipwright Holliday here will provide tech support. It's a straightforward op: get in, flip a switch, get out.

Holliday: Heh. Sloane's got a way of making things sound easy, doesn't she?

The Rig, Titan

Ghost: Did we lead the Fallen here?

Sloane: No. Those vultures have been following us since we evacuated Earth.

Ghost: Sloane, Amanda. The Hive have infected everything.

Sloane: Holliday, we gotta get you back in the air. We'll need ongoing aerial threat assessments to keep our perimeter secure.

Holliday: Oh, uh… Yeah, you know my ship took a beating during the evacuation.

Sloane: I'll bump you to the front of the line for repairs once the lights are back on.

Holliday: Great. Great.

Tidal Anchor, Titan

The Guardian defeats the Fallen and Hive.

Ghost: We can see the wave energy converters from here.

Holliday: Sweet. Now just flip the switch and turn 'em on.

The Guardian turns on the Wave Converters.

Ghost: Accessing systems now.

Holliday: Ugh. Some of the pistons are moving, but we're still sitting in the dark.

Ghost: Something went wrong. Pistons must be jammed.

Holliday: Sorry, pal, but you're gonna have to go out there, rig a workaround.

The Guardian heads towards the converter platforms, defeating any Fallen and Hive they encounter.

Ghost: We made it to the converter platforms.

Holliday: OK. Get to the stalled pistons, see what's jamming 'em. Once they're all moving, we're in business.

The Guardian destroys the Hive gunk blocking the first piston.

Ghost: Oh yeah, found the problem. The Hive have gunked up the pistons.

Sloane: Then let's find a fix.

Ghost: First piston's good to go. We gave it a power scrubbing.

Holliday: That's great and all, but, uh… It's still pretty dark on this end.

Sloane: Sounds like you got more scrubbing to do, Guardian.

The Guardian heads towards the second piston, defeating any Hive they encounter on the converter platforms. The Guardian destroys the Hive gunk blocking the second piston.

Ghost: Final piston is clear.

Holliday: Control Center's still dark. So it's gotta be more than a piston problem. Gonna have to get in, futz with the circuit breakers.

Sloane: Try the Central Platform. Everything routes through there.

The Guardian heads towards the Central Platform. They defeat the Hive on the Central Platform.

Sloane: Circuit breaker's going to be around there somewhere. Find it and flip the switch. Just like I said.

The Guardian destroys the Hive gunk blocking the circuit breaker, then flips the circuit breaker switch.

Holliday: Yeah! Power's back!

Sloane: Exemplary work, everyone. But we still have to deal with these intercepted enemy transmissions.

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