Ahoy and Aweigh: Speak with Spider

Ahoy and Aweigh

Eliksni Quarter, Botza District, Last City

The Guardian speaks with Spider after rescuing him from House Salvation.

The Spider: Guardian. It's been a while. Seems like only yesterday I was in the Tangled Shore, trading in Seraphite and Phaseglass. Now… I'm nestled in the bosom of the Traveler. [chuckles] Funny where owing a debt to Drifter can get you, eh? And let's keep the details of my ignominious rescue between us, hm? Now then… it sounds as though you're off to cross swords with Eramis and the old crews. Misraaks seemed none too pleased about that. I wonder why… I'll tell you what, my friend: I'll let you keep using my ship while you go digging for secrets. I think you've got the steel for it. Now go show those pirates what happens when they cross Spider. While you're gone, I'll gather some accoutrements no budding captain should be without. No need to thank me, Guardian. I only ask that you keep my wanton generosity to yourself. I have a reputation to maintain. [chuckles]

Ahoy and Aweigh

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