Ahoy and Aweigh: Visit The Ether Tank

Ahoy and Aweigh

Eliksni Quarter, Botza District, Last City

The Guardian enters The Ether Tank and witnesses a conversation between Eido and The Spider.

Eido: We have not formally met. I am Eido, Scribe of House Light, daughter of Misraakskel, whom you already know.

The Spider: [sighs] Yes. Misraaks and I are well acquainted.

Eido: I have heard the stories.

The Spider: Have you now?

Eido: Do you hold a title, sir? I've heard what they call you…

The Spider: Oh, ha… I hold a great many things. "Spider" is better than "Fallen," and no worse than your old man letting the Guardians call him "Mith-racks." [laughs]

Eido: Yes, some of them struggle to pronounce his name.

The Spider: Yes, it's surprising what they struggle with.

The Spider gestures with one hand.

The Spider: …Ah, present company excluded, of course.

Eido turns and also gestures toward the Guardian.

Eido: Oh, yes, this Guardian is quite competent. I still hope I will be able to assist somehow.

The Spider: Very plucky of you, Eido. How does your father feel about your involvement? Seems these old pirate crews have put a touch of fear into him.

Eido: Yes, he seemed… apprehensive. But I am a Scribe. Chronicling our history is part of my position. And, deep down… he must be as excited about the adventure as any of us.

The Spider: Oh, I'm positively thrilled. Now, little Scribe, if you'd be kind enough to excuse us… the Guardian and I have business to discuss.

Eido: Of course. Welcome to the Last City. May the Light provide.

Eido leaves.

The Spider: Heh. "May the Light provide." Misraaks, you old charlatan. You've built quite the house of cards here. [chuckles]

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Ahoy and Aweigh: Speak with Spider

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