Season of Plunder Opening Cinematic

Gale's Watch, Europa

Eramis begins to break free from her encasement in Stasis crystals.

Eramis: I was not there when my House fell to ruin. Defectors joined the cowardkel Misraaks — and his worthless House of Light — and fled to the Last City. They devoted themselves to their oppressors: the Guardians and their "Great Machine." There is no greater shame. I tried to claim Stasis for my people... But I was judged. Bound. Abandoned by the same power I sought to command. Some chains cannot be broken. Or so they would have you believe.

Scavenging the 'Drome

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Semaphore Signals I: Message from Eramis

Season of Plunder Closing Cinematic

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Season of the Splicer Opening Cinematic