An Important Message

Enduring Abyss, The Moon

The Guardian finds Ikora looking at the Pyramid.

Ikora Rey: I had to see it with my own eyes… How long has it sat in silence? Watching us?

Eris Morn: Much too long.

The Guardian and Ikora turn around and see Eris Morn with several phantoms hovering near her.

Ikora Rey: I can't help but feel responsible for this, Eris. If I hadn't sent you here —

Eris Morn: Your concern is noted, but my fate is my own responsibility. And we both know you didn't come here to apologize.

Ikora Rey: I came to tell you… You were right. It seems those responsible for our Collapse… are coming back.

The phantoms move closer to Eris Morn, then move away when she begins to yell at them.

Eris Morn: QUIET! You're all insufferable! Save your torment for someone who gives a damn!

Ikora Rey: Eris. The Vanguard is at your disposal.

Eris Morn: Then if you'll excuse us, Ikora… We have work to do.

Ikora Rey: Guardian. Whatever she needs.

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