Beyond Infinity

The Lighthouse, Mercury

Sagira: Osiris saw something in the Infinite Forest— and it terrified him. NOTHING terrifies him. We need to find him

Ikora Rey: Osiris could be anywhere. Put in the wrong coordinates and you'll never find your way out.

Sagira: I know I can do it. Osiris is in there protecting the rest of us from the Vex. He needs us. He needs ME. And we're going to find him.

Vestibule, Fields of Glass, Mercury

Sagira: Osiris has adopted some of the technology of the Forest to his own purposes. We're going to run into his Reflections. They're copies — of himself. Made so he can explore multiple pathways at once. And yes, I am aware that it makes Osiris seem like an egomaniac. But don't worry. He is.

The Guardian begins to activate the Well

Sagira: Osiris has to be here somewhere.

Reflection of Osiris: Sagira! You shouldn't be here. And you've brought someone new with you.

Sagira: Who? Oh, her? Get this — she's a friend of Ikora's.

Reflection of Osiris: Hmph.

The Guardian makes their way through the Well while Reflections of Osiris pop into and out of reality.

Reflection of Osiris: Send word: Sagira has returned.

Reflection of Osiris: Osiris sent you away for your own safety. Your presence ere puts everything at risk.

Sagira: Well guess what? He needs me.

Reflection of Osiris: New timelines are expanding. We must create Reflections to explore them.

Reflection of Osiris: It's almost too late.

Sagira: What do they mean, "too late"? Something must have gone wrong.

Infinite Forest, Fields of Glass, Mercury

Sagira: Where's the real Osiris?

Reflection of Osiris: You cannot go to him, Sagira.

Sagira: What? What did he find? What's so bad that it could scare Osiris?

Reflection of Osiris: Behold — the Infinite Forest! A planet sized prediction engine, simulating trillions of realities in parallel, all geared towards a single Vex purpose. Keep going, and you'll see.

The Guardian makes their way through the Infinite Forest

Sagira: The Vex are simulating reality in here. Brute forcing the future. And before you ask: everything in here IS real enough to kill you.

A locked gate blocks the Guardian's path

Sagira: Sometimes the Forest blocks a path Eliminate the Daemon controlling the local simulation, and the door should open.

Simulant Past, Fields of Glass, Mercury

Reflection of Osiris: First, I will show you were it all began. Mercury, untold centuries ago, before the Vex arrived. Here, the Vex planted the seed that became the Infinite Forest, and its Mind, Panoptes. Panoptes has a single purpose — reshape reality for the Vex. All this started with a single Vex. Will it end with the arrival of a single Guardian? And only the Vex.

Sagira: Now I see why he's made so many new Reflections.

Reflection of Osiris: Yes, we've tried, and failed, to prevent this outcome. Now even our best efforts only slow it. But you must see for yourself.

Infinite Forest, Fields of Glass, Mercury

Reflection of Osiris: Tell me Guardian. Were you there when the Traveler woke? A living Traveler changes everything. For good and bad. Now many things have been set in motion. Osiris wrote the lost prophecies to warn the other Guardian, and they sent him away. But you cannot exile the future.

The Guardian makes their way across the Infinite Forest

Reflection of Osiris: We must find and stop Panoptes, but none of us have discovered a timeline where we succeed. This is what it looks like when we fail. This is the future the Vex want.

Simulant Future, Fields of Glass, Mercury

Sagira: The Lighthouse! This is what Osiris saw.

Reflection of Osiris: Neither Light nor Darkness exists anymore. The sun's warmth is gone. All life… lost. But that was before you. You are the key. You can stop this. Every timeline we've tracked leads here. We must destroy Panoptes to prevent this dark future.

Vex on Mercury awaken and Panoptes appears

Reflection of Osiris: Panoptes! He's found us! Go! You're more important than any of us now!

Sagira: We have to go!

The Guardian jumps through the portal

Sagira: This is bad. Really, really bad. We need to work together. All of us — you, me, Osiris, Ikora. If we don't stop Panoptes, you've seen what happens.

The Lighthouse, Fields of Glass, Mercury

Sagira: Ikora! You there?

Ikora Rey: Sagira? You just left… Where's Osiris?

Sagira: In trouble. We all are. I'll explain everything on our way back to the City.

The Tower, The Last City, Earth

Ikora Rey: So, its the end of everything. I thought after the Red War, we'd get a bit of a break. I'm not giving up yet. If nothing else, the Vex are methodical. They'd have a schematic of the Forest. A map. And that map will show where Panoptes is. There's only one place they could store that much data: the Pyramidion on Io.

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