Breakneck: Conversation between Osiris and Nimbus

Nimbus: Hey, uh, I have a message here from your Vanguard's "Commander Zavala" asking about you.

Osiris: He's probably attempting to "check in" on my "physical and psychological status."

Nimbus: He do that kind of thing often?

Osiris: He and Saint and Ikora are… concerned for my safety. As if no longer carrying the Light as I did has transformed me instantly into a fragile elder.

Nimbus: Sounds like they care about ya, old bird. It's sure rough to be stuck with supportive friends, huh?

Osiris: I imagine, from your perspective, I must seem terribly ungrateful.

Nimbus: You know, when I first got the full set of mods, I was making friends with the ground every five minutes. Takes a second to find your balance sometimes.

Osiris: So it does. I… appreciate the reminder.

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