Born In Darkness Part 3: Key to the Truth

Key to the Truth

Concealed Void, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

The Guardian enters the Concealed Void lost sector and clears the area of House Salvation Fallen. The Guardian rendezvous with the Exo Stranger and Ana Bray.

Ana Bray: I knew Clovis was bad, but all this… I'm feeling a little ashamed of being a Bray right now.

Exo Stranger: Welcome to my world.

Ana Bray: Elsie… Clovis, you… This is all I wanted. All I searched for. But you've been around this whole time, and I never heard from you —

Ana turns to face the Guardian.

Ana Bray: Guardian? What are you doing here?

Exo Stranger: This is actually why I brought you here, Ana.

The Guardian uses the Skeleton Key.

Exo Stranger: Perfect. This is exactly what we need to decrypt the journal and find that Stasis research.

Ana Bray: Stasis? You mean Darkness power?

Exo Stranger: Ana… what we're doing here is extremely important. Stasis is just a tool. We've used it for good —

Ana Bray: You're using Darkness?

Ghost: I was skeptical at first too, Ana —

Ana Bray: Both of you? After everything it's done to us?

Exo Stranger: Ana. Our past — I thought that keeping it from you was the best way to protect you.

Ana Bray: Protect me? I've been protecting myself just fine without your help, thanks. And this? Using the Darkness? That can't end well.

Exo Stranger: And it didn't before. But this time —

Ana Bray: Hold on. Before?

Exo Stranger: In another timeline, Ana, you were… too obsessed with your past for your own good. And I was… too selfish for my own good. The truth is… I'm not from this timeline. Where I come from, the Darkness won. And I tried to shield you from it, but all I did was… Drive you to it. I'm sorry for keeping so much from you. I think the best way to help you now… is just to be there for you.

Ana Bray: Look… I don't mean to be ungrateful, and it's incredible that you're alive. Really. But I… don't know how to handle this. I'm sorry.

Exo Stranger: Ana, wait —

Ana transmats away from the area.

Ghost: Being honest with her was the right thing to do.

Exo Stranger: Time will tell. For now, I'll keep working to find the location of Clovis's Stasis research. We'll talk again soon.

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