Ana Bray

— The adopted daughter of Clovis Bray and a contributor to the development of Rasputin, she was resurrected as a Hunter and is famous for her role at Twilight Gap.

Anastasia Bray is a Hunter whose prior life was discovered when she was resurrected with her ID badge.1

During the Golden Age, Ana worked at Clovis Bray with her adopted family2. Calling herself a “psycholinguist”3, Ana’s job was to teach Rasputin how to think like a human instead of respond like a machine.

As a Guardian, Ana fought at the battle of Twilight Gap alongside Lord Shaxx4. Some time afterward, she parted ways from the Vanguard in order to study and explore the Clovis Bray facilities on Mars, even avoiding the Vanguard Ghost frequencies 1. She worked closely with Camrin, a former Owl Sector research scientist. When the Red War broke out, Ana reconnected with the Vanguard. Though she and Zavala still disagree about what role Rasputin should play in saving Humanity, they teamed up to allow the Guardian to use Rasputin’s Valkyrie to defeat the Worm God Xol.

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