Bound in Sorrow: Sever — Rage: Transmission from Caiatl

Bound in Sorrow

The H.E.L.M., The Moon's Orbit

The Guardian receives an incoming Priority 1 transmission at the H.E.L.M. holoprojector, originating from the Eligos Lex V, flagship of the Cabal Ascendancy.

Caiatl: Attention, Vanguard. I have been patient. I have listened to your warnings and kept my landing parties from raiding the Leviathan. But still Calus eludes your Guardians, and the Nightmare of Ghaul continues to hang over my head. My patience has its limits. Ghaul is the last, our only remaining opposition. Then Calus cannot hide. Your ritual only requires I defeat the Dominus's Nightmare. So be it. Do not interfere, Guardian. I am Cabal, and this conquest is mine to claim. There must be a proving. An acceptance from the old ways. So, as a gladiator entering an arena, I issue my challenge. Dominus! Are you listening? I aim to finish what we began all those years ago. You won't stop me. GHAUL! I challenge you! In the depths of my father's tomb… we do battle!

Bound in Sorrow: Sever — Rage: Return to Eris

Category: Caiatl

Bound in Sorrow: Sever — Resolve: Debrief with Eris

Bound in Sorrow: Sever — Rage: Return to Eris

Category: Emperor Calus

Bound in Sorrow: Sever — Reconciliation: Debrief with Eris