Challenger's Proving VII: Parting Ways, For Now

Parting Ways, For Now

The H.E.L.M., The Last City

The Guardian approaches Crow and speaks to him.

Crow: I've officially been commissioned as a recon agent by Commander Zavala. He wants me to track down the conspirators who tried to sabotage the ceasefire. I believe Caiatl when she says she wasn't behind it, but let's not take chances. Two assassination attempts is more than enough, I think. Zavala looks at me, and I feel like he really sees me. Who I am, not who I was. He didn't say much else, just that it might be a good idea if I laid low while he figured things out here. I know it's taboo to talk about the people we were before, but…

Crow clenches his fist as he pauses.

Crow: The weight that's been hanging around my neck since I woke up in this body…

Crow sighs lightly.

Crow: It finally feels a little lighter. I doubt this is the last time we'll be seeing each other, Guardian.

The Crow — Challenger's Proving VII

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