Country Radio I: Amanda and Crow

The Crow: Amanda. I need to talk to you.

Holliday: What, “before it’s too late”?

The Crow: Yes.

Holliday: Crow, don't…

The Crow: I thought I’d lost you.

Holliday: Don't talk to me like that. [sighs] Look, I know you're sorry. I know it wasn't really "you." I wanna forgive you. I really do. I… I tried to pull Crow and Uldren Sov apart.

The Crow: I tried too. But it wasn't right.

Holliday: I wish I could see you another way, but… I don't. I—I can't. Not yet.

The Crow: Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.

Holliday: It's not like that. [sighs] I know it ain't fair to you. And maybe I'll feel different someday. But not now.

The Crow: …I understand.

Holliday: There's tough times ahead of us—we gotta work together. It's like y'all's Ghosts always say… Eyes up, Guardian.


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