Country Radio IV: Mithrax, Mara, and Caiatl

Mithrax: I have known grief. And loss. But Amanda did not have to die! If I had listened to Eramis's warning—

Mara Sov: Far more would have died. Amanda knew this, as did you. You were not her protector.

Mithrax: I know that this is true. But this loss… it is my failure.

Caiatl: No, Misraakskel. You dishonor Holliday's memory.

Mithrax: I mean no dishonor! She sacrificed herself so that I could live. It is a great guilt.

Caiatl: Her death was no sacrifice. Holliday died for her own convictions, not ours.

Mara Sov: Amanda could not be counseled otherwise, nor would she have been. This was her choice, and we must remember it with respect.

Mithrax: Her death brings an emptiness. Commander Zavala, the Crow… they feel her loss greatly.

Caiatl: Holliday did not die for your grief.

Mara Sov: The Empress is… indelicate. That is her grief. And this is mine. As leaders, we feel loss too often. I will not tell you not to mourn. Bear your sorrow, Misraaks. But set aside your guilt. Let her memory inspire. Let her conviction light our way.

Caiatl: Well said, Queen of the Awoken. Cabal carve our tusks with our victories, and they are recounted at our funeral rites. Holliday's victories will be remembered always.

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