Desperate Measures: Debriefing with Zavala

Zavala: The Traveler… Gone. Should I feel… humbled by this sacrifice? Relieved that it can't grant any more of our enemies the Light? Lost… without a god in whom I can place my trust? [sighs] But what consumes me in this moment… is the human loss. We've watched so many die for this war. And yet… Those losses have given us insight… and common bonds. We stand alongside more allies than ever before. Humans. Awoken. Eliksni. Even the Cabal. When I came to the Last City, I looked up to the heavens for the hope the Traveler gave us. Now… I look up and see the hope we've built for ourselves.

Darkness’s Doorstep

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Eliksni Evacuation

Depth Reception V: Zavala and Drifter

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Enemy of My Enemy