Depth Reception V: Zavala and Drifter

Zavala: You never did tell me why you trust the Nine so much.

Drifter: Oh, I don't. Not even a little. I trust Orin.

Zavala: Orin?

Drifter: Long story. [sighs] The short of it is… I may have had a feeling or two for somebody a long time ago. Somebody that lost themselves along the way. But there's a little piece of her still out there. A sliver… who still has a feeling or two for the somebody I could be. So I trust her. Because she ain't never steered me wrong, no matter how rotten I was. Because at the end of the day, maybe we gotta put our faith in something other than ourselves… even if we're too stubborn to admit it.

Zavala: I… didn't expect you to put a lot of stock in faith.

Drifter: And I didn’t expect you to lose yours and keep moving. Guess we’re all full of surprises, ain’t we?

Zavala: I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you’re being genuine.

Drifter: Oh, I'm always genuine. People just ain't always payin' attention. For real, though? Moondust might've given me a push. Thought it'd help.

Zavala: Sounds like familiar advice. Is it, though? Helping.

Drifter: No joke? I think so.

Zavala: Then we have that in common too.

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