Ghost in the Machine V: Caiatl and Eris

The H.E.L.M., The Moon's Orbit

The Guardian listens to a message on the radio in the Wing of the Haunted

Caiatl: Morn. Would your ritual have prevented my failure?

Eris Morn: Now you seek the counsel of a "Hive-tainted witch"?

Caiatl: Do you revel in your foresight? Do you delight in witnessing my shame?

Eris Morn: I offered you my support. That offer remains. Know that this failure does not define you, Caiatl.

Caiatl: You will address me as "Empress."

Eris Morn: You are not a crown. You do this for yourself, not for the Cabal.

Caiatl: I am the Cabal.

Eris Morn: No. You are a woman with a burden, as I was.

Caiatl: There can be no such distinction. Torobatl lies in ashes. From my ranks rise traitors and spies. My incompetence threatens the future of my people. There is no quarter for failure.

Eris Morn: You speak Ghaul's words. They erode the truth. What is your Nightmare? An expectation you must shed like dead skin. What will remain when you do so?

Caiatl: I… I do not know.

Eris Morn: Then you must look past your shame and say, "I am more."

Caiatl: Very well. Prepare your ritual.

Eris Morn: It awaits.

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