Heist Battleground: Europa (Week 4)

Cadmus Ridge, Europa

The Guardian approaches and enters the Bray Exoscience Lab.


Exo Stranger: Guardian, Xivu Arath's cryptoliths are back. We're in for another fight to dig out more submind data.


Rasputin: Hive and altered Eliksni biosignatures are present within Bray Exoscience. Submind extraction in danger.


Clovis Bray AI: Guardian… I take it you've seen the error of your ways and come to join me. Good. Be a lamb and kill every last intruder in my lab. You're too kind.


Ana Bray: More Hive in Exoscience trying to dig out secrets. [sighs] Part of me just wants to say, "Let Clovis rust." But we're better than that.

The Guardian heads deeper into the facility and confronts a Deathtongue Chorister.

Exo Stranger: A Deathsinger's dirge. It's Xivu's battle song.

The Guardian proceeds down a chute toward the vault.

Yggdrasil Stack, Europa

Ana Bray: I know House Salvation is our enemy, but I feel for these Eliksni. From what I've heard… becoming a Wrathborn is not a walk in the park.

The Guardian destroys Hive wards on the Mindlab doors.

Mindlab: Submind Kernel, Europa

Exo Stranger: Without her Shrieker, Xivu Arath will be blind on Europa. You know what to do.

The Guardian battles and defeats Warwatcher, Eye of Xivu Arath.


Clovis Bray AI: Welcome, backstabbers. I see you've returned to pillage more of my work in order to fix your own mistakes. Do you really believe you'll succeed without my acumen dragging you along? Who will replace me? Anastasia? Pah! Elisabeth? She wouldn't know where to start. The Warmind—MY Warmind? An inferior version. You're finished without me. Enjoy the annihilation your small minds have wrought. I know I will.

Rasputin: This is a pre-recorded message. Clovis Bray's AI appears to be ignoring us.

Exo Stranger: And he still felt the need to host one last lecture. Typical.


Clovis Bray AI: Anastasia! Elisabeth! One of you answer me, now!

Rasputin: Clovis Bray. Your progeny have surpassed you. Your services are no longer required. We appreciate your understanding.

Clovis Bray AI: Cease this insubordination at once—

Rasputin: Connection terminated. Submind extraction initiated. Guardian, I have cleared a flight path for your ship. Stand by.


Ana Bray: Submind fragment downloading.

Osiris: So many secrets lost to time. Do you think your grandfather could ever see himself as an ally of the City?

Ana Bray: [laughs] Seriously? Even now?

Rasputin: I concur with Ana's reaction.

Osiris: No one asked you. His mind would be an asset, no? Assuming he was kept content.

Ana Bray: He doesn't know the meaning of the word.


Exo Stranger: House Salvation is suffering. Xivu Arath has only tightened her claws around Europa since we began our mission.

Rasputin: Eliksni movement to House Light in the City has increased sharply. They appear to recognize following Eramis is no longer beneficial.

Exo Stranger: Maybe one day, Eramis will swallow her need for vengeance and realize that herself.


Eramis: Why do you persist? Schemes will not save you. The sword is already at your throat.

Exo Stranger: You could be more than this. You can defy it. I've seen you make that decision.

Eramis: I know you walk as the Vex do. You see slivers of time, where another Eramis lives a different life. But I do not have the luxury you once did. Here I stand. This is who Eramis is now.

Exo Stranger: Maybe it is, right here, right now, but… I've learned that nothing is ever too late to change. All it takes is a step in the right direction.


Rasputin: Working theory proposal: the Witness did not begin widescale assaults until Savathûn's death. It is possible her presence acted as a deterrent, and her death facilitated necessary developments for an invasion.

Exo Stranger: That coincides with my experience in other timelines. The second Collapse always seemed like it was waiting for some kind of trigger. But it's not something that we could have avoided. Maybe some things are set in stone.

Rasputin: Even stone can be eroded, Elsie. You and I must once again take the long view to find victory.


Ana Bray: Okay, Saint isn't here to tackle me. Osiris, how lucid were you during your… uh, abduction?

Osiris: Savathûn attempted to keep my consciousness suppressed. But I could still feel her digging through my mind. That feeling… lingers.

Ana Bray: Reminds me of dealing with Clovis. I hear his voice telling me who I should be.

Osiris: Who we are is not so easily overwritten. Despite all his poisoned words, you are still you. Only now, you wear his failed barbs like thorned armor.

Ana Bray: And you hold Savathûn's secrets like… a poorly labeled key.

Osiris: I… yeah. I suppose that is a suitable, if clumsy, comparison.

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