Heist Battleground: Mars (Final Weeks)

BrayTech Futurescape, Hellas Basin, Mars

The Guardian approaches the BrayTech campus.

Ana Bray: Guardian, every Hive in the Futurescape… wipe them out!

Osiris: I've felt that anger. Keep it. We will need it when we face the Witness.

The Guardian heads toward the Mindlab.

Ana Bray: Feels different here now.

Exo Stranger: It does.

The Guardian reaches Charlemagne's vault.

Exo Stranger: They're still tearing into the Warmind's systems. You'll have to cut your way in again.

The Guardian battles and defeats Darkblade Kelgorath, Risen From Bones.


Eramis: How many more times must we play this game? The rules do not change. The outcome seems fixed. Go, then. Spend your Dust, your Glimmer. Polish your finest armor. I'll see you again.


Ana Bray: [sighs]

Eramis: You grieve for what you've lost. Do you feel that hollow space inside your chest? The Eliksni created a word for it, after Riis. We wrote poems, songs. Wove the most elaborate pieces of art with our looms… then cut out their centers. The "dead-place," humans might call it. Choose what you will fill it with.


Ana Bray: I'll never look at Mars the same. I'm glad Rasputin left something for us to remember him by. Camrin and I will pick a better name than "dog" soon. I promise.


Mara Sov: How fares Ana?

Exo Stranger: She's mourning, but… Saladin came by the Tower. They talked for a long time. I watched him put a hand on her shoulder. She was tense at first, then…

Mara Sov: Then?

Exo Stranger: Then she hugged him.

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