Heist Battleground: Europa (Final Weeks)

Cadmus Ridge, Europa

The Guardian approaches and enters the Bray Exoscience Lab.


Clovis Bray: Back again? I offer you no shelter. Get off my moon.


Mara Sov: Xivu Arath will not release this place so easily. Pry it from her.


Eramis: My House. I brought them for safety. To live and die in peace. I promised them something more than survival. But Sol has only death to offer.

The Guardian proceeds down a chute toward the vault.

Yggdrasil Stack, Europa

Eramis: I once hoped to claim the power of the Warmind and its creations. I believed with power, I could free the Eliksni from errant suffering. But each time I grasp at what is necessary to break our shackles, I am punished. There is no hope without suffering, Guardian. So long as the Great Machine requires your hope, it will impart whatever suffering is needed to sustain it. In this, we are the same.

The Guardian destroys Hive wards on the Mindlab doors.

Mindlab: Submind Kernel, Europa

Clovis Bray AI: There it is! The overseer the "Hive" sent! Gah! That thing is burrowing into my AI. Kill it!

The Guardian battles and defeats Warwatcher, Eye of Xivu Arath.


Ana Bray: I know we stopped a disaster, but… I can't help but feel like we're worse off now than when we started. How did we get here?

Exo Stranger: I thought that exact same thing so many times, Ana, but… even when you feel defeated, there are little victories to take from it.

Osiris: Yes. Think of all we have gained. Rasputin gave us the tools we needed to stand against the Witness without ever firing a shot.

Exo Stranger: If nothing else, you proved it. Rasputin wasn't just like Clovis. You taught him to be better. You did that, and it saved us.


Mara Sov: Your people are withering. Your House is withering. I know you can hear my words, Kell of Darkness. The weight of that title digs deep into your shoulders.

Eramis: This from the false Kell of the Reef? Many Awoken and Eliksni bowed, only for you to ask they give their heads, their life, to your ends.

Mara Sov: And I have lost so much for it. I am not here to threaten you, but to invite you away from a path I have already walked. You mustn't sacrifice more.

Eramis: You would leash me, like your House of Wolves pets? Like Misraaks? I have seen the servitude you call protection, and I have seen, for all your regal words, how the City holds your ear. We are finished.


Clovis Bray AI: Well done. You've thrown away one of humanity's most precious resources… and what's worse, you didn't have to. I could have saved you.

Exo Stranger: You couldn't have stopped it. You were walking right into their trap… Like you always do — with the Witness, with the Vex. But invariably, you find a way out to keep spreading that destruction like a disease. I keep seeing it, and I keep thinking you'll learn, but… you never suffer the consequences. I should've left you to die on that operating table.

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