Into the Depths IV: Speak with Drifter

Drifter: What's the word, brother? All this Golden Age tech is impressive stuff. Almost makes you wonder how they lost back then… ya dig? About that… if we're looking to win this time, I need Savathûn's swamp to wash up a few finishing touches for my rig. Crackin' skulls and lootin' hauls is your bag, hero. That's why you're headed to her throne world. That Pyramid Savvy brought down—it's cut off from the Witness. Scorn bigwigs been diggin' tech we can use out of that burning heap. All you have to do is find 'em and take it. Then you let ol' Drifter worry about the kit-bashin'. Easy. Hey, uh… one more thing. Xivu drippin' nonsense in your head too? She's been recounting some of my… more "heroic" exploits. Dark Age's been on my mind. You know how the past is. You pull the trigger, and people die… so you don't have to. Then someone comes along and wants to forgive you for that. Like it's fine. Won't ask what Xivu's dredgin' up for a killer like you. Wouldn't be polite. Thunderguns down there, though? Been under pressure so long, everybody's looking for cracks. Don't get me wrong! Coin to table, she's been through it. But I don't think Sloane's looking to be told it's fine. 'Cause it ain't. 'Cause it needs to be ugly to win. And then… you live with it. See ya on the other side.

Into the Depths II: Speak with Zavala

Category: Savathûn

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