Into the Depths II: Speak with Zavala

Zavala: Guardian. Operations on Titan are in full swing. Drifter believes he can further improve his modified bank to work at greater depths. He will require more salvage from the sunken Arcology. Acquire it for him so we can continue enhancing Sloane's link with Ahsa. This mission… Sloane's been through enough as it is. I informed her of everything that transpired while she was MIA. Guardians using the Darkness, Savathûn's deception, the Witness attacking the Traveler… [sighs] and Amanda. The two of them were close. Word of Amanda's death hit Sloane hard. I saw it in her eyes. The moment when the news landed… …And the moment she buried it. I don't like putting this mission on Sloane. But I recognize her need for it. Her need for an objective… and a commander to assign it. What I need is for you stand beside her in the trenches. Show her that she doesn't have to fight this battle alone. We'll all see this through together.

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